Collaboration Support

Ligand offers a wide range of Captisol® supportive services throughout the product development process. Each project is tailored to meet the scientific needs and timeframes of our partners.

Candidate drug substances include small molecules, peptides and proteins. Formulation experience encompasses design for various routes of administration including, parenteral (IV, IM, SQ), nasal, ophthalmic, topical, oral and inhalation.

Consultant Services

  • Manufacturing Support Services
  • Evaluation of Cyclodextrin Containing Formulation
  • Clinical Trial Planning Consultation
  • Regulatory Affairs Consultation

Lab Contract Services

  • Solubility and Stability Evaluation
  • Pre-Formulation / Feasibility Assessment
  • Formulation Development
  • Custom Synthesis (Lab Scale)
  • Cyclodextrin Derivatives
  • Drug / Cyclodextrin Mixtures

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