Partnerships & Collaborations

Partnerships & Collaborations

Captisol® offers a wide-range of in-depth industry expertise and enables formulation solutions for a variety of products. In addition, Ligand has strong Captisol®-related alliances with partners in various stages including developmental and approved Captisol-enabled® products.


FDA-Approved Captisol-enabled® Drugs

Baxter International Baxter International
Pfizer Pfizer
Pfizer Pfizer
Pfizer Pfizer
Amgen Amgen
Acrotech Acrotech
Merck Merck
Lundbeck Lundbeck
Baxdela Baxdela
Gilead Gilead

Captisol® Partnerships

Carfilzomib Carfilzomib
Carbamazepine Carbamazepine
Remdesivir Remdesivir
CE formulation of Melphalan CE formulation of Melphalan


This is a representative listing of Captisol-enabled® partnerships

Collaboration Support