Gilead’s Captisol-enabled Remdesivir Approved for Use in Renally Impaired Patients
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Research Grade
RC-0C7-020 Starter Kit 20 grams Free Samples Request a free sample
RC-0C7-100 100 grams $750.00 $0
RC-0C7-K01 1 Kilogram $4,160.00 $0
RC-0C7-K05 5 Kilograms $16,935.00 $0
RC-0C7-K20 20 Kilograms Please call
LC-0C7-250 Aseptic-filled Liquid Captisol 250 milliliters $875.00 $0
AR-0A4-001 1g $400 $0
AR-0A4-005 5g $900 $0
AR-0A7-001 1g $400 $0
AR-0A7-005 5g $900 $0
Cyclodextrin Derivatives
RC-ASB-005 Alpha Cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ethers, DS 2.4 5g $500 $0
RC-BSF-005 Beta Cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ethers (flat) DS 6.1 5g $500 $0
RC-BAE-005 Beta Cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ethers-Ethyl Ethers, DS 4.5, 4.5 5g $500 $0
RC-GSB-005 Gamma Cyclodextrin Sulfobutyl Ethers, DS 4.6 5g $500 $0
Reference Materials
RM-BCD-C50 Beta Cyclodextrin (Starting Material) 0.5 gram 0.5g $50 $0
RM-967-C50 Impurity- 4-Hydroxybutane-1-Sulfonic Acid 0.5 gram 0.5g $1,000 $0
RM-967-C10 Impurity- 4-Hydroxybutane-1-Sulfonic Acid 0.1 gram 0.1g $250 $0
RM-RC7-C50 Captisol Reference Standard 0.5 gram 0.5g $250 $0
RM-RC7-001 Captisol Reference Standard 1 gram 1g $400 $0
RM-969-C50 Impurity- Disodium Bis (4-Sulfobutyl) Ether 0.5 gram 0.5g $1,000 $0
RM-969-C10 Impurity- Disodium Bis (4-Sulfobutyl) Ether 0.1 gram 0.1g $250 $0
RM-RC7-005 Captisol Reference Standard 5 gram 5g $2,000 $0
RM-RK-4 Reference Kit 4 items $650 $0

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Due to an existing collaboration, we are contractually prohibited from supplying any antifungal areas. However, please consider the use of Captisol for any therapeutic areas outside of antifungals.

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